SOLD OUT! 2013 Iridescence Sparkling Riesling - Best in Show, Sparkling at the 2016 Royal Wine Competition



Vineyard Data:

-100% Riesling harvested exclusively from the estate vineyard in Jordan, ON, sub appellation 20 Mile Bench
-young vines grown on thin clay soils with escarpment limestone rock beneath
-2013 – cool year hence acidity nicely retained in fruit, low yields with tiny berries resulting in 16.8 Brix, 11.5 g/L T.A. and 2.8 pH

Winemaking Data:
-hand harvested then sorted and whole cluster pressed resulting in low juice yields and low phenolic profile
-cool fermented in stainless steel over 3 weeks with selected yeast to maximize aromatics and showcase the terroir
-left on gross less for 3 months after primary fermentation to increase base wine richness and weight
-secondary fermentation completed in this bottle “Traditional Method”
-retained on lees for 15 months in the bottle to improve complexity yet retain fruit notes
-bottles disgorged early December 2016 

Technical Data:
Alcohol   11.0%                                                                     Residual Sugar      35 g/L
pH           2.9                                                                          Total Acidity          10.5 g/L
Bottled   Disgorged December 2016                                     Bottles produced  300 bottles

Tasting Notes:
Bright, lively and ohhh soooo round.  The effervescence is quick and tiny providing for a great sight in the glass.  Aromatic notes of pronounced citrus, mango, apricot, ripe apples and saltine crackers dance from the glass while the zippy acidity, balanced semi-sweetness and an elegant palate that has that eludes to the richness of Icewine all marry together.  Almost sinful.  Enjoy chilled with any meal or celebration.  Especially perfect with cashews, appetisers, light desserts (Angel food cake), poultry and pork with fruit based sauces, salads with candied nuts or an understated fruit element, fresh cheeses and simply on its own.

..."There are a couple of other wineries in Ontario that make some unique bubblies that I also want to suggest. Instead of using the traditional grapes for sparkling wine – Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier – Sue Ann Staff chose to make her to sparkling wines using Riesling grapes. Let me explain why that makes a difference – Sparkling wines made with the traditional grapes generally have flavours of toast, nuts and yeast but with a Riesling based sparkling wine the flavours you are used to in a regular bottle of Riesling come flowing forward. If you enjoy citrus and other fruit flavours in what you drink, chances are really good that you are going to enjoy a Riesling based sparkling wine more than a bubbly made with the traditional grapes. Now, Sue-Ann went one step further when producing her sparkling wines. When sparkling wine is made, during the second fermentation, sediment is cast off and collects in the base of the bottle. Before the final bottling and labelling, that sediment has to be removed from the bottle without losing any of those bubblies that have collected during the second fermentation. This is a long and time consuming process but when it is done, the sediment has made its way into the neck of the bottle and needs to be disgorged from it. To do this, the sediment is frozen and removed from the neck of the bottle and there is a small amount of wine that does come out at the same time. To top up the bottle, a small amount of wine is added and this is called the dosage.  Patricia Dinsmore Szymanowski


Awards: "Best in Show - Sparkling", 2016 Royal Wine Competition
                               Retail = $32.95 / bottle                      
Availability:                    Winery only


Category: Riesling, Sparkling

Type: Sparkling