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Fundraising with Wine Sales

Fundraising with Wine Sales!
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Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery wants to help you raise money for your cause with wine sales! Fundraising with wine sales is perfect for not-for-profit organizations and sport teams. Plus, it is easy!


Step 1

Interested in fundraising with wine sales? Begin by contacting us (e-mail to acquire approval.  Your e-mail must state:


Step 2

If approved, you will be issued a promo code for your group. Share this promo code with your membership/audience/supporters and encourage them to purchase our wines online using the code. The more wine they purchase within the fundraising campaign period, the larger our donation to your organization! The promo code is vital as it identifies the wine orders associated with your fundraiser.


Step 3

At the end of your campaign period, once all transactions are complete, Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery staff will total the sales associated with your fundraiser and provide a donation of 20% of the retail price before taxes and bottle deposit on each bottle of wine sold. For example:



Step 4 

At the end of your wine sales fundraising campaign, Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery will consolidate all wine purchases for pick up by your organization. Your organization will distribute the wine purchases to your members/supporters. The orders absolutely cannot be combined with any other special offers or shipping incentives, or picked up at alternative/multiple times.


Contact Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery by e-mail to plan your fundraising campaign with wine!


PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to pre-approve all fundraising. We will not be authorizing any political, activist or any endeavours outside of Ontario. Our decision is final and completely at our discretion.