Shipping Info

We can ship to your door!

Ontario residents: simply order from our website (you'll see an "add to cart" function at the bottom of every wine description page) and we'll ship directly by private courier: 




We ship throughout Canada. Non-Ontario Residents, please call 1-877-566-1719 to order. We will coordinate the shipping costs with you. 




 Regular shipping rates without discount codes:

Half Case Shipping (1-6 bottles) 0kg–7.5kg $17.50
Full Case Shipping (7-12 bottles) 7.6kg–15kg $20.00
Two Case Shipping (13-24 bottles) 16.25kg–30kg $30.00
Three Case Shipping (25-36 bottles) 31.25kg–45kg $40.00

Four Case Shipping (37 to 48 bottles)

46.25kg–60kg $50.00


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