January 22, 2016



Yoga & Wine Night


with Ashley Avis Yoga

Wednesday, August 28 at 6:30 pm

Register online at: https://www.ashleyavisyoga.com/book-online/yoga-wine-at-sue-ann-staff-1





Vineyard Flicks Movie Nights


Friday, September 6 TOP GUN  
Friday, September 13 A STAR IS BORN (2018)
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      Jan 21 Twenty Valley Icewine Discovery Pass Pick!

      There’s only one problem I have with the Discovery Pass program.

      It’s hard to pick which wineries to go to. So many of the pairings are just too delicious.

      Here was my situation. I was only going to be out in the Bench for one afternoon. There are eight tickets in the Discovery Pass. So I was trying to split them up evenly – go to four in Beamsville, and four in Niagara-on-the-Lake. But as I read through the Discovery Pass booklet, my dilemma became clear. How on earth could I only pick four? So many of the pairings sounded so good.

      I didn’t think I could possibly do any more. Then I remembered the pairing that was awaiting me at Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery. Listen to this. The Discovery Pass listing promised “….succulent sweet potato gnocchi swimming in an herbed mushroom butter sauce paired perfectly with Sue-Ann’s multi-gold medal winning 2012 Vidal Icewine.”


      This was so good. Sweet potato gnocchi and Icewine is a perfect match.


      - See more at: http://niagarafied.ca/wine/twenty-valley-icewine-discovery-pass-picks/#sthash.MYBvS7Yl.dpuf