March 26, 2021

#FrostyFriday: Episode FIRE & ICE!

It's time for a little sweet and a little heat! This week's Frosty Friday #Icewinecocktail combines Howard's Icewine Vidal with some local moonshine, some jalapeno, some ginger, a little fruit juice and a hit of sriracha!

Fire and Ice

1 oz Moonshine
1 oz Vidal Icewine
2 oz tropical fruit juice
3 thinly sliced discs of jalapenos
2 thinly sliced discs of fresh ginger
dollop of siracha
dry ice


Prepare “The Fire”
Into a rocks glass, add Moonshine, jalapenos, and ginger.  Muddle.  Strain into a cocktail glass with ice.

Add “The Ice”
Pour the Icewine and tropical fruit into the cocktail glass.  Stir.

For more Fire and Ice
Add in a dollop of siracha and garnish with dry ice.