April 21, 2020

On The Lighter Side: Cooking with Sue-Ann (Eggs Baco Edition)

Fun Fact: Sue-Ann loves eggs. Seriously. Loves. Eggs. And one of her all time favourite meals in Burgundy is Oeufs en meurette, or eggs poached in a red wine sauce with bacon, onions and mushrooms.




Since we're not in Burgundy and since necessity is the mother of invention, behold Sue-Ann's homegrown version: Eggs Baco!  Enjoy this short video of Sue-Ann making Eggs Baco and talking about our best-selling Bank Barn Baco Noir -- let us know what you think! 


And if your craving for Baco Noir needs to be satisfied, remember we've got free shipping in Ontario for orders of 6 or more bottles (use discount code SPRING2020 at checkout): https://www.sue-annstaff.com/collections/red


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