The Toughest Day. - Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery
July 25, 2020

The Toughest Day.

One of life's toughest days. 

The dreaded day .... Brix is cuddling with Dad now ... and I assume Dad is already continuing to train Brix how to sit up on his hind legs which used to be their morning ritual.

Brix quickly succumbed to a large tumour on his scapula that was crushing his vertebrae and pressuring his lungs. I had hoped we could keep him pain-free for another week but, alas, common sense, empathy, and his right to run/swim/love unrestricted prevailed.

The lovely ladies at Beamsville Animal Clinic were compassionate and expedient throughout his care..
We all think we have "the best dog ever". And I've been lucky to already have had a few of them. But ... this dog was "beyond special" to so many family members, friends, employees and customers. I know that there will be a year of mourning for him ... justifiably so. Gentle, kind, considerate, loving, fluffy, and ... best of all ... a great cuddler. They say dogs don't like to be hugged ... wrong.

Brixy, we'll all miss you so much.

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